Start of the campaign is a room, in a maze, starting in this will allow the players to learn to play well together. And they must find a way to work together to make it out of this maze, Placement of secret items and such can be put throughout the maze and boss’ included, undead would be the most likely to be seen since the setting is very dreary and gloomy, bones along the walls, everburning torches along the walls and dont let the players get any smart ideas, the torches are keyed to the placehorlders along the walls, including, the burning of the fire is blue or blackish color, to continue with the dark mood. Depending on the DM’s mood for this campaign , it can either lead down or up to different locations which can be changed to however you like. Down most likely would be to some dark evil descent, or up to the outside to continue with another campaign on the outside world. Drow can be encountered throughout the maze also. (Forgot to mention that earlier.)

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